500 (?) Days of Summer

It's good to be writing again. While the title above is that of a romantic love movie, I am writing a plan for my first ever relatively relaxed summer. My internship did not turn out the way I'd like them to and now I'm left with approximately 3 months to rest and work on more … Continue reading 500 (?) Days of Summer


“Stop Wasting Time”

A month into life in Silicon Valley and I find myself wasting too much time on things that don't matter. I don't feel like I am making full use of my time in a productive manner. As a result here are a few of the things I would want to focus more on. Level up … Continue reading “Stop Wasting Time”

Silicon Valley

The past two weeks of NOC has been a whirlwind ride. It stretches from looking for housing to finally settling down. There was a bit of drama here and there, but I am glad that we’re all settled down nicely now. Having heard so many stories about NOC, I have experienced for myself the struggle … Continue reading Silicon Valley


NOC: Prelude

As most of you already know, I departed for NOC a day ago. It still feels pretty surreal that I am here in Silicon Valley, where I dreamed of going ever since I fell in love with programming. I think it's important to set the goals and aspirations straight for NOC. It's a very unique … Continue reading NOC: Prelude


Y2S1 – A Whirlwind Ride

Results came out earlier today and I wouldn't say I'm very satisfied with them. The entire semester has been a whirlwind ride, here are some reflections. Work is manageable, time isn't. This has to be the greatest lesson learnt. Modules are actually pretty straightforward and easy to understand if I had put in consistent effort … Continue reading Y2S1 – A Whirlwind Ride


API Rate Limiting

Since WordPress's new admin site is so awesome <insert emoji with heart eyes>, I think I should document my little learning notes here instead. Shall use a sub-domain for this WordPress in time to come! Letterbox's traffic went a bit off today, causing our instance's CPU usage to spike. Apparently people were spamming API calls to … Continue reading API Rate Limiting


Where the Actual Learning Takes Place

Just came back from lunch in a pretty cool suite and it gave me a little musing/flashback. As my Economic teacher in Junior College used to tell us when we're in the middle of a chaotic discussion about any concepts: Go ahead. Discuss. This is where the actual learning takes place. It's been three semesters in … Continue reading Where the Actual Learning Takes Place