What the Internet is Doing To Our Brains

Well this is really awkward that this video is on the Internet. But well, this video sparked something in me. Maybe this is exactly what’s stopping me from performing well lately.

I’ve been on the Internet for way too long… (And I still am)

So right now I should probably start working on two of the things which I’m really passionate about. First, computing. I have no substantial knowledge about computing yet, so it’ll be a “start from zero” kinda thing.

Next would be my long lost dream for playing basketball. I bought a new ball recently and I do hope to play more in the coming few years. The final few months of my NS and the 4 years I’ll spend in NUS.

While at the same time, drastically reducing time wasted on the Internet. Note: I said reducing time wasted on the Internet, not time spent on the Internet. There’s a difference. What I’m doing now is time spent, productively, filling my brains with the new knowledge that I’ve discovered. While wasting time on the Internet is more related to random Facebook refreshes (which I admit, I can’t stop doing that at times…)

Yup, that’s that, and I’ll be off!


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